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I have totaly not blogged in awhile now i shall start again. My mom told me that you can print all your blogs into a journal so i thought that was pretty smart and it is easier than writing in your journal day after day.
When we were driving home from out cabin up in Oakly me and my dad went in one car and the others went in the other. Anyway my dad gave me the best idea for my story so that one i shared, who knows how long ago isn't real i guess. I am not going to share my story to anyone anymore because it is getting to long and something i am working really hard on.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here is a snippet of my story!!!!

Here are some titles i'm considering tell me what you think!
The end of her life
The never ending threat
It was they way I loved you that saved you.
The way I loved you

Now here is part of the story.

Chapter 1
The Ceremony

“No mother I don't want to go.”
“Elizabeth darling you have to go to the ceremony.”
“Fine but, I'm not going to enjoy it none the less pretend like I do.”
“Just go get ready. Put on your blue dress.” Elizabeth was walking up to her room in the East Tower. She went straight into her bathroom. She stopped to look in her mirror starring at her long golden blond hair, her deep blue eyes, red full lips, this tall and skinny girl with skin as white as a cloud. She headed for her closet to grab her long, silk, light blue dress. At the top it was crossed with light pink ribbon; the bottom was puffy, and she opened the edging on the opening which was placed with pearls. The skirt that was placed under it was also light pink. Her sleeves were long and at the end there were white ruffles. She changed into her dress and stacked her hair up on her head in a tall bun. Around her head like a headband was a strip of diamonds. Elizabeth put on high heels with straps that go a little above her ankles. She also had on a diamond flower necklace that had a big flower at the bottom. It was a masquerade ball so she slipped on a white mask that was covered in sparkles with edging decorated with gold ribbon. She preceded downstairs to go and talk to her mom. “Here you go. I look like a trained baboon but, I'm here.”
“Elizabeth you have got to stop it okay.”
“Let's get this show on the road,” Elizabeth gave her mom a sassy smile. The Queen and her daughter made their way to the gardens for the ceremony. They stood by some soldiers. During the whole ceremony she was standing in the sizzling sun with a dress that weighed two pounds. Her father gave one of his soldiers Robert Whiting a promotion, which he is now a Commodore. Elizabeth was fanning herself with her pink and blue fan. Elizabeth was so oblivious to everything around her that she didn’t notice a boy standing a few people to the right of her staring at her.
“Now may my daughter Princess Elizabeth come up here,” the King called down. Elizabeth walked up and took off her mask. She gave a big smile and looked down to the guy that just happened to be staring at her. He was wearing a black mask. Elizabeth looked down to the ground again.
“Father what’s going on?” she asked through her teeth.
“The Commodore Whiting would like to ask you a question,” King Alexandria stated.
“In front of everyone!” she slipped through her teeth.
“Follow me please,” Commodore Whiting whispered. Elizabeth turned around and followed Commodore Whiting. They walked back to the castle gardens and behind her she heard her father say “Now we shall go back to the ball room for the ball.” They both sat down on a bench.
“Elizabeth your father told me how great you are and I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to the ball,” stuttered Commodore Whiting.
“Um. . . sure I will go to the ball with you,” Elizabeth whispered. Commodore Whiting led Elizabeth into the ball room. Elizabeth was acting nervous. Commodore spun her around so she was facing him. He started dancing with her and spinning her and making her very dizzy. Elizabeth turned her head down. The Commodore put his figure under her chin and lifted her head up.
“Are you okay?” Commodore Whiting asked in a very scared voice.
“I’m okay, I think. Do you thing we could go outside and get some fresh air?”
“That’s just fine. Let’s go.” Elizabeth was escorted out by Commodore Whiting; they walked over to a little bench in the middle of the remote garden.
“Do you feel comfortable with me?” Commodore asked. At that moment Commodore tried to kiss Elizabeth. She turned her head.
“To fast?” asked Commodore.
“I am feeling dizzy, can you get me a drink?” asked Elizabeth.
“Sure.” Commodore said confused.
“Goodness gracious” Elizabeth whispered to herself. Elizabeth didn’t see Commodore arrive. He knelt down on one knee pulled out a purple amethyst ring that was shaped like a heart on both sides of the heart there were to big diamonds. “It’s to match that necklace your parents gave you but, Will….will you marry me?”
“What!?” screamed Elizabeth.
“Will you marry me?”
“But-what-huh, what are you talking about? I just met you today!”
“But I know so much about you. It’s like I’ve known you since birth,” explained Commodore.
“But I know nothing about you. I’m sorry but no, I’m declining.”
“Elizabeth please!”
“Commodore Robert Whiting no, now just go away!”
“Okay I’m leaving but, Elizabeth Mary Alexandria Princess of Aragon you are going to regret this.”
“I regret being with you more. Now just go away!” Elizabeth ordered. The Commodore stalked off toward the castle. Elizabeth drooped on the bench and bowed her head down. Elizabeth was there for a while. Just then there was a cold and hard figure touching her chin lifting her head up. Elizabeth looked up and there was the mysterious man with the black mask on.
“Who are you?” Elizabeth asked
“That’s not important right now,” said the Mysterious Man. “What is important is why did you turn The Commodore down? He looked like your kind of man.”
“I don’t want that kind of man.”
“And what kind do you want?” asked the Mysterious Man.
“I want a cute, nice, sweet, outgoing, helpful, humorous, and not so serious. That’s what I want in a man,” explained Elizabeth.
“Well I happen to have six of those seven qualities.”
“Which is the one you don’t have?”
“I’m not really that funny,” The Mysterious Man said under his breath.
“Most people are they just don’t know it because the way that they are funny is them just being stupid,” Elizabeth laughed. The Mysterious Man chuckled a little bit with her to.
“Will you please tell me who you are?” begged Elizabeth.
“I will some time tonight.”
“Okay that sounds--” She was cut of by her mom and dad coming out with many guards behind them.
“Elizabeth Alexandria you have been a bad, bad girl what ever shall we do with you?” her father giggled.
“Dad why are you acting so strange right now?” asked Elizabeth scared.
“That’s not important; tell me why did you turn down Commodore Whiting?”
“That’s not what I wanted in a husband he’s just not my kind of man.”
“He was the kind of man we wanted you to marry though,” screamed The Queen.
“But mom he’s not what I wanted and no matter what I won’t marry him.”
“Go lock her in her room for a day maybe you’ll change your mind,” The King ordered his guards. Two guards grabbed her tightly on the arms and dragged her to the castle. Behind Elizabeth the Mysterious Man was fallowing silently behind them. When they got to the East Tower they shoved Elizabeth in her room and locked the door. Elizabeth looked around at her room which is a big circle, the walls were pink, the floor was marble, her bed was a king with white bedding and a canopy, her vanity table was on the left side of her room, and an arch way to her closet with a curtain hanging from it was to the right, and there were to big windows on either side of her bed with a wash stand under one. She started slamming on the walls screaming “Let me out, let me out!” She grew tired of banging and screaming that she sat down on the ground and wept. Then there was a bang on the door. She lifted her head. The door broke down, and fell to the floor.
“Goodness!” Elizabeth said. She stood up and headed toward the hole in the wall. There stood the Mysterious Man. Elizabeth reached up and took off his black mask.
“Prince William!” She looked up at Will and, he was standing tall. Will was wearing a white shirt with a ruffled collar, black pants that go a little under the knee; tall black socks that to the bottom of the pants, black loafers, and a black jacket. He had dark black hair, as black as a starless night sky, and deep chocolate brown eyes, his tall, muscular body.
“Princess Elizabeth, and how many times have I asked you to call me Will,” he whispered
“Last time I promise. How do you do?” asked Elizabeth.
“I’m great but, I would be better if you would dance with me.”
“I would love to but, I’ve been locked in my room,” Elizabeth whined.
“That’s why you change you dress, wear my mask and we put you back in your room before morning.”
“Sounds like a plan.” Elizabeth went into her closet closed the curtain and shifted through her dresses. She found one that was white, not puffy, in the center of the whole dress it had a floral design, the sleeves came off the shoulder and, the back was tied up like a corset. Elizabeth went over to her vanity table and put black makeup around her eyes and put the mask on. She took her hair out and let it fall behind her. She changed her shoes to plain white heels, and she put on a pearl necklace and earrings.
“Ready?” asked Will while admiring her.
“Absolutely!” she squealed. It was a long walk from her bedroom to the ball room so it took them a while to get there. When they got there they started dancing to a slow song that was written by Johann Sebastian Bach. He started twirling her and at one point she tripped over her own feet. While she was on the ground she looked around and saw the Commodore dancing with Princess Renee. Commodore looked at Elizabeth and there eyes met for a split second. Commodore walked over to the King and the Commodore said that he should go and check on Elizabeth. Will helped Elizabeth up and she ran toward her room.
“Where are you going?” asked Will.
“I totally forgot Commodore Whiting gave me this dress last year when he was promoted to captain. He had it made for me there’s only one of them!” Elizabeth and Will started running. The guards were catching up to them. When they finally reached the stairs to the East Tower Elizabeth sat on the stairs.
“Come on Elizabeth we are almost there. We have to hurry they are catching up to us!”
“I know Will but, I’m so tired we have been running for a long time.”
“Fine then I’ll carry you.” Will picked up Elizabeth and ran up the stairs. When they reached her room he dropped her on the bed and he shoved the door back in its place. They heard the guards reach the door. Elizabeth was still in her dress, mask, makeup, and Will was in the room. Will dived under the bed Elizabeth crawled under the covers tore off the mask and lay down in bed. With her hair she covered some of her face. She heard the guards come in her room.
“See Commodore Whiting we told you that she was still in her room,” one of the guards clarified.
“Fine now I have to go back and find my date.” Elizabeth heard them leave the room and down the stairs. When she was sure they were gone she sat back up on her bed. Will crawled out from under it and sat down by her.
“Here’s your mask. Thank you for letting me use it,” Elizabeth said.
“Your welcome, this has been an exciting day hasn’t it?” Will stated.
“Yes it has. I owe big time.”
“Just doing it with you was enough don’t worry about it.”
“Okay,” Elizabeth hopped of the bed and went to her wash stand to wipe off all the makeup. She then went to her closet shut the curtain and changed into her night gown. When she went back out Will was sitting on the bench by her door.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Again it's the Greatest time of the year and it's here!!!

ME!!! I also heart this picture of me!

Evan and Jake!

That's me on the far right at my chior concert! we sang 3 songs and one of them wasn't even a song!

Isaac "forgetting" to bow LOL!

ME!!! I heart this picture of me!

LOL Well i haven't written in a while (of course) I've just been so busy latly (Doing nothing!!!) Well now what should I write about my mom always seems to beat me too the cut!!! Although why would I write about her room??? (you can have all the credit 4 that 1) Anyway I got my braces of!!!! My teeth are soooo cool!!! And I got my hair done!! I actually look good now LOL!!!!!Angie moved now! Io don't know if I want to be happy. She was my BFFX10 I still miss her it's weird not having her here. Sometimes when I do stuff it reminds me of her and I get sad because i eaither did it with her, she helped me with it, or I was talking on the phone with her when i did it ect. Anyway in a happier note I'm writing a story that I want to get published (It may!!!) and it's about 47 pages long (WOW) although that's a lot for my age LOL NXT time I post i'll put a snippet of it up. My friend McKenna said that sometimes when I talk to her it sounds like it came right out of a book! (NXT time when I talk to you see if that happens.) I've noticed when I blog it's like I'm just talking to you. It's not much like a journal. Oh Well i like it like this.
Okay so for Christmas I asked for new bedding, (I bet you anything a picture will end up on my moms blog of it!!) a new Ihome, (My friend wants the old one for some crazy reason.) and some more books (Yeah ok I like reading but it's not my whole life and I'm not one of those crazy I read for a living pple they are wierd!! I should know about 5 use to go to my school!) So yesterday we went to my grandma parry's and had dinner. it was a lot of fun I got to see some of my family that I haven't seen in like 4ever!! My uncle Sean gave Jake a very, very, very, big wedgie that you could hear his underwear rip. It was hilarious so now he has a rip in his undies!!! I also got atacked by my cousins they just really like hitting me with stuff :( LOL (for those of you who don't know it means laugh out loud!) I love just putting pictures on just for fun even if they don't have anything to do with the blog!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm just going to put random pictures on it will take the words right out of my mouth.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm in Jr. Highnow i just want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Just want to go back to elementary school. There is so much drama in Jr. High that it's to much to bear. i can't even get started on it. I do have some more friends but, my old friends is really the whole story, one friend even got a boyfriend ditches us all and is super rude again can't even get started on everthing that has happened. During school most of the time i just want to melt into my seat and disappear so no one can see or hear me. i've lost 2 of my best friends ever but I have kept a lot even two that went to Millcreek . i'm so sad right now I rally hope this gets better soon or i think i will loose my mind. All ready i think I've lost like half of it. I'm also not very good at making new friends the ones that i have made were through friends. There are three guys that I really want to be friends with and i don't know how to make friends with them.

Well I have to go Caroline

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here are some pictures from May Days just random thangs

As you can see my fam is really busy in the summer we have prom, car accidents, working, Baseball/softball, La Caille, Being lazy on Sundays, and MLB games (Major league baseball.), And seeing dead pple.