Friday, December 7, 2007

It's The Greatest time of the year and its HERE!!!

It is finally December the best (and coldest) time of the year i love december and to start out it has been an amazing month. (10 more days till school is out for the holidays.) 4 Christmas i have no idea what im getting. On Sunday is one of my fav traditions we go to my granny D's house and make cookie houses and do white elephant. On the 21 is another one of my traditions we go to the marriot down town and stay over one night and go to tepenyaki and see the lights and a movie. On Christmas eve we go to my granny P's and Eat dinner and read a christmas story, do plays, sing songs and more!! (Make cookies W/ my cousins) Also on Christmas Eve Me and my Brothers go and sleep in the play room since we do not trust eachother when all the preasants are there. We stay up all night and do lots of stuff. (This year i will watch full house ALL night.) In the morning we will go and wake up my parents and eay a Small breakfast than open our stockings in the front room than go down staires oldest to youngest and open our big preasants than we go back upstaries and open our family, and friend preasants. On Christmas we go to my granny D's house and exchange preasants and eat dinner. Well those are y traditoins so post yours i want to see yours! BYE


Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well first off i'm sorry for not writing since the. . .15 i have forgotten. Second Thanksgiving was let me summerize it to one word a BLAST! I had so much fun some of my cuz and my aunt i have not seen in a long time came. We had the best meal ever except i did not eat much. My gramdma made a side dish that had marshmellows and the inside tasted like ROOTBEER!! It was amazing. Thirdly BYU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOO!! GO BYU my bros. went to the game and I was left home alone for about let me think 7-9 hours mabye even more. Well G2G


Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Fav T.V Show

Full House I luv Full House
it ws cute Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are so funny in it and John Stamos who is Uncle Jesse he is sort of cute but i perfer Johanny Depp. The only bad thing about it sweet it's on o sorry the only bad thing is that they say omgd

My Daily Routen

Well it all starts when i get up (is that cool or what)

  • Practise the violin except on Tusedays
  • Get dressed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Go to the Bus stop at 8:25
  • Go to school
  • Come home on tuesdays o go to violin
  • on wensdays go to dance at 5:00
  • On Thursdays go to young women at 7
  • Then the rest of the time chill

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



  • Johanny Depp (My husband)
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Dance
  • Soccer
  • Bonnetball
  • Sports
  • Violin
  • My best cuz sawyer
  • role model Celeste
  • bookes:
  • stormbreaker
  • harry potter
  • the diary of a young girl Anne Frank
  • Computer
  • Friends
  • Full House favorite Sit Com
  • Color:
  • Purple
  • Light Purple
  • Lime Green
  • Pink
  • Store:
  • American Girl Place
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Litd Too
  • Movies:
  • Natinol Treasure
  • Pirates
  • Felicity

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

School These Days BLAH!!

I mean I love school, but i'm just not the best at math and grammer so it is driving me crazy. I cannot wait for Lachie (if that is how you spell it,) and the bubble and DANCEING! Mrs. Ferrarie is not being nice because of Dallin, Tyson, Brian, and Lacy (Casy). So that is a problem. You know what school has really changed over the years. Enough about school lets go over to the after school activity's. Violin is going good i mean i'm still in book 2 Suzuki. I'm not doing soccer compotion since the girls on my team were evil, little, ugly, tiny brained twits!! Thwy were so mean I cannot just start explaning how much i hate them. (I know its mean but it is true.) I did not hate everyone on my team I liked Alyssa my old neigbor and, Ashley ny other old neihbor, and. . .that is about it. I'm going to rec soccer in the spring with Lindsey, Breanne and Kinley Breanne is my onlwy REAL friend on that team. Now what ealse is there in my life that i need to yell out? I've been learning about astronomy lately. My brothers Jake and Sam are killing eachother right now. I sent about 2,000 texts last month NEW RECORD!! :) I saw the Bee Movie a couple of days ago it was funny and wacky in a weird way. In Hip-Hop we learned part of I Don't Dance it was so much fun, easy, and good. Guess what. . .I might dye my hair BLONDE on Wensday my mom is going to the hair dresser to have her hair cut and will ask mine if I will look good blonde. I can't wait I personaly think I will look good with blonde hair. I want to try something new I would love to be a dumb blonde (Celeste what do you think i will look good with I know you usually perfer burrnets but do you think I will look good Blonde?)




I'm going to Hawaii in Janurary and we are going to go kyaking!

Celest came to babysit me on friday well actually it was on Friday it was fabulouse and on Friday it was SAWYER'S B-DAY!