Friday, December 7, 2007

It's The Greatest time of the year and its HERE!!!

It is finally December the best (and coldest) time of the year i love december and to start out it has been an amazing month. (10 more days till school is out for the holidays.) 4 Christmas i have no idea what im getting. On Sunday is one of my fav traditions we go to my granny D's house and make cookie houses and do white elephant. On the 21 is another one of my traditions we go to the marriot down town and stay over one night and go to tepenyaki and see the lights and a movie. On Christmas eve we go to my granny P's and Eat dinner and read a christmas story, do plays, sing songs and more!! (Make cookies W/ my cousins) Also on Christmas Eve Me and my Brothers go and sleep in the play room since we do not trust eachother when all the preasants are there. We stay up all night and do lots of stuff. (This year i will watch full house ALL night.) In the morning we will go and wake up my parents and eay a Small breakfast than open our stockings in the front room than go down staires oldest to youngest and open our big preasants than we go back upstaries and open our family, and friend preasants. On Christmas we go to my granny D's house and exchange preasants and eat dinner. Well those are y traditoins so post yours i want to see yours! BYE