Friday, March 21, 2008

Sorry people

Sorry peolpe,
i know thats spelled wrong. Sorry I havn't written I have been so busy. So right now i'm at my aunts Celest's house and yesterday i went and saw a concert for Emme Packer. She is not a big super star yet she has her own record sompany she writes her own songs and so ya my aunt knows her well actually my aunts friend knows her but i knnow her now it's not like i'mher bff but i know her i got 2 signatures. My aunts frends brothers son (Man thas a nouth full!!!!)Is a total hilarious brother he makes pig calls and weird streched out faces. I'm staying at Celeste's because my family is in St. George i didn't want to go because i would have to watch 8 stinckin games i could not handle that way to much. Well Sam won one yesterday and lost one Jake losst both. And IDK about today.

Well thats pretty much it right now and i will right soon this time, BYE Caroline Parry