Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm in Jr. Highnow i just want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Just want to go back to elementary school. There is so much drama in Jr. High that it's to much to bear. i can't even get started on it. I do have some more friends but, my old friends is really the whole story, one friend even got a boyfriend ditches us all and is super rude again can't even get started on everthing that has happened. During school most of the time i just want to melt into my seat and disappear so no one can see or hear me. i've lost 2 of my best friends ever but I have kept a lot even two that went to Millcreek . i'm so sad right now I rally hope this gets better soon or i think i will loose my mind. All ready i think I've lost like half of it. I'm also not very good at making new friends the ones that i have made were through friends. There are three guys that I really want to be friends with and i don't know how to make friends with them.

Well I have to go Caroline


Parry Particulars said...

I don't think you really want to go back. You seem happy in Jr. High. I do think you need to work on your spelling though after reading this blog!

Celeste said...

sorry, girl, I can't give you much hope because I HATED junior high. High school is awesome though and you have to get through this to get there, so just make it fun anyway. All the drama is just a part of your age and it will go away soon. I love you!

schmath said...

Junior high stinks. Especially all the bratty girls. Too bad you don't go to my school. The kids are really nice and you could hang out with Madeline at recess.

Ali Blake said...

Yes you do still have me from Millcreek!
Just forget about all those losers
I'll always be your friend!