Monday, December 22, 2008

Again it's the Greatest time of the year and it's here!!!

ME!!! I also heart this picture of me!

Evan and Jake!

That's me on the far right at my chior concert! we sang 3 songs and one of them wasn't even a song!

Isaac "forgetting" to bow LOL!

ME!!! I heart this picture of me!

LOL Well i haven't written in a while (of course) I've just been so busy latly (Doing nothing!!!) Well now what should I write about my mom always seems to beat me too the cut!!! Although why would I write about her room??? (you can have all the credit 4 that 1) Anyway I got my braces of!!!! My teeth are soooo cool!!! And I got my hair done!! I actually look good now LOL!!!!!Angie moved now! Io don't know if I want to be happy. She was my BFFX10 I still miss her it's weird not having her here. Sometimes when I do stuff it reminds me of her and I get sad because i eaither did it with her, she helped me with it, or I was talking on the phone with her when i did it ect. Anyway in a happier note I'm writing a story that I want to get published (It may!!!) and it's about 47 pages long (WOW) although that's a lot for my age LOL NXT time I post i'll put a snippet of it up. My friend McKenna said that sometimes when I talk to her it sounds like it came right out of a book! (NXT time when I talk to you see if that happens.) I've noticed when I blog it's like I'm just talking to you. It's not much like a journal. Oh Well i like it like this.
Okay so for Christmas I asked for new bedding, (I bet you anything a picture will end up on my moms blog of it!!) a new Ihome, (My friend wants the old one for some crazy reason.) and some more books (Yeah ok I like reading but it's not my whole life and I'm not one of those crazy I read for a living pple they are wierd!! I should know about 5 use to go to my school!) So yesterday we went to my grandma parry's and had dinner. it was a lot of fun I got to see some of my family that I haven't seen in like 4ever!! My uncle Sean gave Jake a very, very, very, big wedgie that you could hear his underwear rip. It was hilarious so now he has a rip in his undies!!! I also got atacked by my cousins they just really like hitting me with stuff :( LOL (for those of you who don't know it means laugh out loud!) I love just putting pictures on just for fun even if they don't have anything to do with the blog!